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Controlled basic fibroblast growth factor release device made of poly(ethyleneglycol) dimethacrylates for creating a subcutaneous neovascular bed for cell transplantation
Yamada S, Nagai N, Saijo S, Kaji H, Nishizawa M, Imura K, Goto M, Abe T
[J Biomed Mater Res A 105(11):3017-3024,2017]

The utility of superb microvascular imaging for monitoring low-velocity venous flow following pancreas transplantation: Report of a case
Tokodai K, Miyagi S, Nakanishi C, Hara Y, Nakanishi W, Miyazawa K, Shimizu K, Goto M, Kamei T, Unno M [J Med Ultrason 2017:Jun 8 [Epub ahead of print]       

Impact of the Trough Level of Calcineurin Inhibitor on the Prevalence of Donor-specific Human Leukocyte Antigen Antibodies During Long-term Follow-up After Pediatric Liver Transplantation: Antibody Strength and Complement - binding Ability
Tokodai K, Miyagi S, Nakanishi C, Hara Y, Nakanishi W, Goto M, Unno M, Kamei T
[Transplantation Direct 3(8):e196, 2017

The optimization of short-term hepatocyte presservation prior to transplantation
Fukuoka K, Inagaki A, Nakamura Y, Matsumura M, Yoshida S, Imura T, Igarashi Y, Miyagi S, Ohashi K, Enosawa S, Kamei T, Unno M, Ohuchi N, Satomi S, Goto M [Transplantation Direct 3(7):e176, 2017]

 膵臓・膵島移植 Up-to-Date -膵島分離・移植におけるイノベーション- 
後藤昌史 肝と膵 Vol.38 No.9, 851-857, 2017


胆道・膵疾患診療の最前線 膵ラ島移植  後藤昌史  胆道・膵疾患診療の最前線(著書)2017年3月出版


Supplemental Analysis for N-linked Sugars in Adult Pig Islets. Eguchi H,Kawamura T,Kashiyama N,Matsuura R,Nakahata K,LoPC,Asada M,Maeda A,Goto M,Toyoda M,Okuyama H,Miyagawa S, [Transplantation Proc 2016:48(4):1302-1303]

CollagenX is a potential substrate for clostridial collagenase G in pancreatic islet isolation
Shima H, Inagaki A, Imura T, Yamagata Y, Watanabe K, Igarashi K,Goto M, Murayama K [Jornal of Diabetes Resarch 2016,2016:4396756]

五十嵐康宏 猪村梢 柏山浩 猪村武弘 
後藤めぐみ 稲垣明子 末田輝子 笠井憲雪 小野文子 後藤昌史 Organ Biology 23(2):72-73:2016


Cloning a neutral protease of Clostridium histolyticum, determining its substrate specificity, and designing a specific substrate Maeda H, Nakagawa K, Murayama K, Goto M, Watanabe K, Takeuchi M, Yamagata Y,
[Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2015:99(24):10489-10499

Synergistic effect of neutral protease and clostripain on pancreatic islet isolation      Dendo M, Maeda H, Yamagata Y, Murayama K, Watanabe K, Imura T, Inagaki A, Igarashi Y, Katoh Y, Ebina M, Fujimori K, Igarashi K, Ohuchi N, Satomi S, Goto M [Transplantation 2015:99(7):1349-1355]

膵疾患の治療(総論):ラ島移植 後藤昌史 新膵臓病学:2015年10月号


A comparison of the main structures of N-glycans of porcine islets with those from humans.Miyagawa S, Maeda A, Kawamura T, Ueno T, Usui N, Kondo S, Matsumoto S, Okitsu T, Goto M, Nagashima H [Glycobiology 2014:24(2):125-138]

A novel resting strategy for improving islet engraftment in the liver. Jimbo T, Inagaki A, Imura T, Sekiguchi S, Nakamura Y, Fujimori K, Miyagawa J, Ohuchi N, Satomi S, Goto M [Transplantation 2014:97(3):280-286]

Collagenase H is crucial for isolation of rat pancreatic islets. Fujio A, Murayama K, Yamagata Y, Watanabe K, Imura T, Inagaki A, Ohbayashi N, Shima H, Sekiguchi S, Fujimori K, Igarashi K, Ohuchi N, Satomi S, Goto M [Cell Transplantation   2014:23(10):1187-1198


Thioredoxin-1 attenuates early graft loss after intraportal islet transplantation in mice.Asami K, Inagaki A, Imura T, Sekiguchi S, Fujimori K, Masutani H, Yodoi J, Satomi S, Ohuchi N, Goto M [PLOS ONE  8 (8):e70259. 2013 Aug 9]

Clinical Experiences in the Treatment of Pancreatic Arteriovenous Malformation by Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation. Sakata N, Goto M, Motoi F, Hayashi H, Nakagawa K, Mizuma M, Yamaya H, Hasegawa Y, Yamaguchi S, Sawada S, Ottomo S, Okada T, Fukase K, Yoshida H, Ito T, Hirota M, Ishigaki Y, Sekiguchi S, Rikiyama T, Katayose Y, Fujimori K, Egawa S, Shimosegawa T, Katagiri H, Satomi S, Unno M [Transplantation 96 (5):e38-e40:2013]

Postoperative Cholestasis and Cholangitis after Total Pancreatectomy with Biliary Reconstruction Impair the Function of Autotransplanted islets. Hata T, Sakata N, Aoki T, Yoshimatsu G, Tsuchiya H, Hayashi H, Motoi F, Goto M, Katayose Y, Egawa S, Unno M [Transplantation 96 (5):e40-e43:2013]

Solution structure of clostridial collagenase H and its calcium-dependent global conformation change. Ohbayashi N, Matsumoto T, Shima H, Goto M, Watanabe K, Yamano A, Kato Y, Igarashi K, Yamagata Y, Murayama K [Biophysical Journal 104: 1538-1545:2013]

Effects of glucagon-like Peptide 1 analogue on the early phase of revascularization of transplanted pancreatic islets in a subcutaneous site. Nishimura R, Ushiyama A, Sekiguchi S, Fujimori K, Ohuchi N, Satomi S, Goto M [Transplantation Proc. 45 (5):1892-1894:2013]

Development of polyvinyl alcohol bioartificial pancreas with rat islets and mesenchymal stem cells. Yoshimatsu G, Sakata N, Tsuchiya H, Ishida M, Motoi F, Egawa S, Sumi S, Goto M, Unno M [Transplantation Proc. 45 (5):1875-1880:2013]

Tacrolimus inhibits the revascularization of isolated pancreatic islets. Nishimura R, Nishioka S, Fujisawa I, Shiku H, Shimada M, Sekiguchi S, Fujimori K, Ushiyama A, Matsue T, Ohuchi N, Satomi S, Goto M [PLOS ONE 8(4):e56799 Apr 17 2013]

A lectin microarray study of glycoantigens in neonatal porcine islet-like cell clusters.Maeda A, Ueno T, Nakatsu S, Wang D, Usui N, Takeishi S, Okitsu T, Goto M, Nagashima H, Miyagawa S [J. Surgical Research 183 (1):412-418:2013]

A Lectin array analysis for wild-type and a-Gal-knockout pig islets versus healthy human islets Miyagawa S, Maeda A, Takeishi S, Ueno T, Usui N, Matsumoto S, Okitsu T, Goto M, Nagashima H [Surgery Today  2013 Apr 3 (Epub ahead of print)


Enhancement of the structural stability of full-length clostridial collagenase by calcium ions. Ohbayashi N, Yamagata N, Goto M, Watanabe K, Yamagata Y, Murayama K. [Appl Environ Microbiol 78 (16): 5839-44:2012]

Intraoperative ultrasound examination is useful for monitoring transplanted islets.Sakata N, Goto M, Gumpei Y, Mizuma M, Motoi F, Satomi S, Unno M [Islets 4 (5)1-4 2012]

Ductal injection does not increase the islet yield or function after cold storage in a vascular perfusion model. Nakanishi W, Imura T, Inagaki A, Nakamura Y, Sekiguchi S, Fujimori K, Satomi S, and Goto M [PLoS One 7 (8):e42319. Epub 2012 Aug 10]

Encapsulated islets transplantation: Past, present and future. Yoshimatsu G, Goto M, Egawa S, Unno M [World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology 3(1):19-26:2012]Sakata N, Sumi S,


Quantification of the islet product: Presentation of a standardized current Good Manufacturing Practices compliant system with minimal variability. Friberg A, Brandhorst H, Buchwald P, Goto M, Ricordi C, Brandhorst D, Korsgren O [Transplantation,91,(2011),677-683]            

齋藤之彦、後藤昌史、真屋梢、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、里見進 [移植:46(452011]


戸子台和哲、後藤昌史、稲垣明子、中西渉、小川則彦、佐藤和重、川岸直樹、関口悟、Bo Nilsson、岡田則子、岡田秀親、里見進 [移植:46(4&5)2011]


山谷英之、後藤昌史、Feng Zhao Qiang、猪村武弘、小林英司、里見進 [移植 in press 2001]


Attenuation of cross-talk between the complement and coagulation cascades by C5a blockade improves early outcomes after intraportal islet transplantation. Tokodai K, Goto M, Inagaki A, Nakanishi W, Ogawa N, Satoh K, Kawagishi N, Sekiguchi S, Nilsson B, Okada N, Okada H, Satomi S [Transplantation,90,(2010),1358-1365]

The impact of ischemic stress on the quality of isolated pancreatic islets. Goto M, Imura T, Inagaki A, Ogawa N, Yamaya H, Fujimori K, Kurokawa Y, Satomi S [Transplantation Proceedings,42(6),(2010),2040-2042]

Brain death in combination with warm ischemic stress during isolation procedures induces the expression of crucial inflammatory mediators in the isolated islets. Saito Y, Goto M, Maya K, Ogawa N, Fujimori K, Kurokawa Y, Satomi S [Cell Transplantation,19(6),(2010),775-782]  

ここまで進んだ膵島移植: 後藤昌史 [糖尿病診療マスター:8(2):203-207:2010]   

膵島移植 :後藤昌史[1型糖尿病お役立ちマニュアル:Part4:61-672010]


A novel predictive method for assesing the quality of isolated pancreatic islets using a scanning electrochemical microscopy. Goto M, Abe H, Ito-Sasaki T, Goto M, Inagaki A, Ogawa N, Fujimori K, Kurokawa Y, Matsue T, Satomi S  [Transplantation Proc. 41 (1):311-313:2009]

The influence of brain death on tissue factor expression in the pancreatic tissues and isolated islets in rats. Saito Y, Goto M, Maya K, Ogawa N, Fujimori K, Kurokawa Y, Satomi S [Transplantation Proc. 41 (1):307-310:2009] 

高橋英幸、後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、土井秀之、里見 進  [移植 :44 (1):82-90:2009] 

膵島移植の現状と展望 [最新医学:64 (2):45-52:2009] 後藤昌史


Dissecting the instant blood-mediated inflammatory reaction in islet xenotransplantation.  Goto M, Tjernberg J, Dufrane D, Elgue G, Brandhorst D, Ekdahl KN, Brandhorst H, Wennberg L, Kurokawa Y, Satomi S, Lambris JD, Gianello P, Korsgren O, Nilsson B [Xenotransplantation,15(4),(2008),225-234]

Optimization of a Prominent Oxygen-Permeable Device for Pancreatic Islets. Goto M, Yoshikawa Y, Matsuo K, Shirasu A, Ogawa N, Takahashi H, Saitoh Y, Fujimori K, Kurokawa Y, Tamai M, Satomi S [Transplantation Proceedings,40(2),(2008),411-412]  

Influence of a current style of culture on the quality of isolated pancreatic islets. Takahashi H, Goto M, Ogawa N, Saitoh Y, Fujimori K, Kurokawa Y, Doi H, Satomi S [Transplantation Proceedings,40(2),(2008),358-359]

Low molecular weight dextran sulfate導入が引き起こす移植後膵島グラフト生着促進による、一型糖尿病根治療法としての膵島移植の確立:後藤昌史 [臨床薬理の進歩:29:206-214:2008]     


重症糖尿病患者に対する膵島移植の現状と展望: 後藤昌史、黒川良望、玉井 信、里見 進
[Proceedings ofClinical Electron Microscopy:27:5-7:2007]


The ADP/ATP Ratio: A Novel Predictive Assay for Quality Assessment of Isolated Pancreatic Islets. Goto M, Holgersson J, Kumagai-Braesch M, Korsgren O [Am J Transplant,6(10),(2006),2483-2487]

臨床膵島移植成否の鍵.: 後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、Korsgren Olle、里見 進 [日本外科学会雑誌,107(2),(2006),220-220]

Low molecular weight dextran sulfate: a strong candidate drug to block IBMIR in clinical islet transplantation.  Johansson H, Goto M, Dufrane D, Siegbahn A, Elgue G, Gianello P, Korsgren O, Nilsson B [Am J Transplant,6(2),(2006),305-312]


ヒト膵島分離における新奇Serva collagenaseの有用性.: 後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、里見進 [移植,40,(2005),364-364]

Low molecular weight dextran sulfateによる移植後ヒト膵島グラフトの生着促進. 後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、Nilsson Bo、里見 進 [移植,40,(2005),245-245]

ヒト膵島分離及び臨床ヒト膵島移植の成否決定因子.: 後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、Korsgren Olle、里見進 [移植,40,(2005),245-245]

Nordic Networkにおける臨床膵島移植の経験. :後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、Korsgren Olle、里見進

ヨーロッパにおける膵島移植. :後藤昌史、小川則彦、藤盛啓成、黒川良望、里見 進

Key factors for human islet isolation and clinical transplantation. Goto M, Johansson U, Eich T M, Lundgrem T, Engkvist M, Felldin M, Foss A, Kallen R, Salmela K, Tibell A, Tufveson G, Nilsson B, Korsgren O [Transplant Proc,37(2),(2005),1315-1316]

Technical improvement of human pancreatic islet isolation.  Goto M, Eich T M, Stahle M, Malmborg A, Engkvist M, Korsgren O [Transplant Proc,37(2),(2005),1313-1314]

The efficacy of CD40 ligand blockade in discordant pig-to-rat islet xenotransplantation is correlated with an immunosuppressive effect of immunoglobulin.  Wennberg Lars, Goto Masafumi, Maeda Akira, Song Zhensung, Benjamin Christopher, Groth Carl G, Korsgren Olle [Transplantation,79(2),(2005),157-164]


Low molecular weight dextran sulfate prevents the instant blood-mediated inflammatory reaction induced by adult porcine islets. Goto M, Johansson H, Maeda A, Elgue G, Korsgren O, Nilsson B [Transplantation:77 (5):741-747:2004]

Intraportal pig islet xenotransplantation into athymic mice as an in vivo model for the study of the instant blood-mediated inflammatory reaction. Goto M, Groth CG, Nilsson B, Korsgren O [Xenotransplantation:11 (2):195-202:2004]

Refinement of the automated method for human islet isolation and presentation of a closed system for in vitro islet culture. Goto M, Eich M. T, Felldin M, Foss A, Kallen R, Salmela K, Tibell A, Tufveson G, Fujimori K, Engkvist M, Korsgren O [Transplantation:78 (9):1367-1375:2004]

No transmission of porcine endogenous retrovirus after transplantation of adult porcine islets into diabetic nude mice and immunosuppressed rats. Goto M, Maeda A, Elfman L, Suling KM, Wood JC, Patience C, Groth G, Wennberg L  [Xenotransplantation:11 (4):340-346:2004]

MyD88-dependent toll-like receptor signalling is not a requirement for fetal islet xenograft rejection in mice. Schmidt P, Krook H, Goto M, Korsgren O [Xenotransplantation:11 (4):347-352:2004]


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